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Here at sly_life we don't believe in boring experienced gamers with the babbling of the same rules over and over again.  Role playing games all have the same basic rules.  These are rules like 'don't god mod other writers', 'don't puppet characters without permission', 'do not mix IC/OOC', etc. etc. An experienced and/or courteous writer should know not to do these things.  If you are new to role play, it basically means to not control other players characters and take something that happens with your characters in the game personally, or take your personal feelings out on someone else's character. 

We mostly just want our gamers to be courteous to each other.  All major plot lines should be discussed with the moderators as well as any characters that will be involved in the plot line.  A head's up, so to speak.  Failure to communicate to a moderator about a major plot will result in a warning.  If you receive too many warnings, you will be removed.  Major plot lines are things that would be considered drastic changes to the world surrounding your character.  IE:  rapes, murders, pregnancies, miscarriages, abductions, or anything else that we may stumble across along the way.  When in doubt, the best rule of thumb is to talk to a moderator.  We don't want to control your characters story lines.  The purpose behind informing a moderator and/or the other characters involved is for your protection.

Please do not be a drama queen.  We're all for intense story lines and we love drama, but not the kind that has no purpose or results in one flood gate after another.  Basically this means that we would appreciate it if you spaced things out a bit and didn't have your character get kidnapped on Tuesday, raped on Wednesday, and then involved in a horrible car crash on Thursday.  While sometimes these kinds of plot lines could go together, try not to overload everyone - sometimes there is only so much a person can take.

We will not be tolerating AIM shyness.  Everyone should be able to interact with each other.  We realize that some characters click better than others, but don't be scared to initiate with your fellow gamers.  In fact, we would really like it if all of the gamers initiated a scene at least once a week.  That isn't anything too hard to do, and who knows, you could gain some confidence and make some new friends.  Also, don't be too shy to say hi in a chat room.  Your character hasn't entered the scene until they've said hi or performed an action.

Part of being courteous is respecting other players gaming styles.  We've learned that with the style of game that this is that we prefer writers use the storybook style.  Will we kill you if you asterisk or kick you out?  No, but if you choose to asterisk make sure you do it with someone who doesn't care, and keep it OUT of the chat room.  If you aren't sure what a player wants to do, ask them OOCly first what they are most comfortable with.  Most writers are good at communicating what they like.  In chat rooms, be aware that there may be a mix of different writing styles due to the fact that not everyone will be running the same AIM program.  Some programs will disconnect if the character limit is reached.  Also keep in mind that some writers only have a limited time to write each day so they may be doing multiple scenes at one time.  It is highly recommended that you state the time of day that your scene is happening so that writers can work it into their character time lines.  Your character can not be in two places at the same time or have 'do over' scenes.

We do allow writers to have multiple characters.  In fact, we'll let a writer take on as many multiple characters as they can handle maturely.  If you desire to pick up another character you must first prove that you will be equally active with them both.  After that, you must also prove that your two characters will have a different social group of friends.  Certainly some characters may have similar friends, but they shouldn't be exactly identical with who they are spending time with.  Finally, you are not allowed to bring in another character for the sole purpose of causing drama.  Characters that fail to meet these requirements will be warned/removed/declined of the privilege
of picking another character.

Finally, there are things that may not be listed here.  These rules are not final.  The mods reserve the right to use their best judgment and enforce anything that may not be listed on here.  We assume that you have read and agree to these rules.  Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse.


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