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More about the game

Welcome to sly_life. Here's a more in-depth guide to our game. This may seem like a lot of information to soak up, but consider this post as more of a resource to look back to when needed.

How active do you need to be when playing the game?  We require one journal entry written In Character at least once a month, and a response to a mission at least once a month. If you want to post more, or do more missions, feel free to do so. Posts in the sub-communities do not count as an In character post.  We want an actual journal entry. It is also important that ALL of your characters comment the other members of the community. People like to know when their writing is read. Please leave encouraging notes for the other members fiction, and In Character messages to the other In Character posts. We would also like that you be on AIM a couple of times a week. If you cannot use AIM, please make use of mission_logs. It exists for those of you who would rather thread or cannot use AIM.

Simply put, a PB is the actor that you are casting as your character.  It can be anyone that you feel accurately (or close enough to your vision) depicts your character.  Icons will need to be made so that you can use them in posts and whatnot.  Please, no inappropriate nudity in the icons.

The Taken PB List

It's always good to have someone who will watch your back. At the agency, it is strongly recommended that agents have a partner for this reason. Sometimes the partners are good friends or family, and other times partners are paired together based on personality or skills. On some missions, for agents that do not already have partners they will be assigned one by agent_cero.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE OPTIONAL! If you would like to create a character that has no supernatural powers whatsoever, please feel free to do so. Any ability is currently up for grabs. If certain powers begin to become too popular, we may put a cap on how many we will allow. Keep in mind when making your characters to not make them too powerful or invulnerable, one or two powers is plenty enough. When using mythological/fantasy creatures, please do not force all writers to share your view point. If there are two demons for example, each writer may interpret the use of the word demon. RESPECT THAT, they do not have to be the same.


  • Biological Harnessing of UV Radiation (1)
  • Invisibility (1)
  • Heightened Senses (1)
  • Phasing (1)
  • Angel (1)
  • Create and destroy objects (1)
  • Shape shifting (1)
  • Electronic (1)
  • Sound mimicry (1)
  • Witchcraft (1)
  • Perfect recall (1)
  • Siren (1)
  • Teleportation (1)
  • Vampire halfling (1)
  • Walking through walls (1)


    The agents are all housed in a bungalow with their partner (when applicable). These bungalows have separate bedrooms, bath, living area, and a kitchenette. Some over look the beach, while others are further on the mainland. They're very nice, as the agency is very good about taking good care of it's employees while they are home in-between missions.

    1 - Isa
    2 - Lindsey & Winston
    3 - Tristan
    4 - Kaori & Stas
    5 - Eddie
    6 - Ryan
    7 - Senga & Tucker
    8 - empty
    9 - Kia
    10 - empty
    11 - Voltaire & Penny
    12 - Devin
    13 - Ciro
    14 - Seth
    15 - empty
    16 - Caleb
    17 - Alijah
    18 - Audrey
    19 - Dimitrus


    The training facilities consist of different stations and buildings. The first is a place for practicing and receiving new gadgets and equipment. The second is for studying, because a spy needs to understand world cultures, math, science, and many other things. The third is for physical training. There are various different obstacle courses designed to test all different physical skills that an agent may need. These courses are indoors and outdoors, and there is also a gym facility that has standard equipment.

    How to become a Spy
    How to Make a Spy Code
    Spy Gear 1
    Spy Gear 2


    Agents on their free time can participate in water activities, sports, movies, dining, and normal everyday recreational things, when they visit Marina Beach, or Inland City. Marina Beach, is the designated beach side that agents can use to relax. There is also a pool available for use. It's much like any other resort beach. Inland City is a small city built for the agents and their use for relaxation. There's a coffee house, a bowling alley, a movie theater, shopping, and much more, giving agents a taste of everyday life without being on the run or on the job.

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